DIRECTOR   Till Brassington


COURT of Conscience is a cotiri of rectitude; its name intimates per* section. There can be no flaw in the in-, stitutiori ; if there is any, it must be in the practice, for perfection is not with man. The utility of such a Court is obvious : every plan is beneficial upon which is drawn the exact line of justice, and which re-posiesses a man of the property he has lost, particularly, if upon easy terms to him who sustains the loss, and him who caused it. Whatever scheme can be adopted to terminate quarrels, which often originate from trifles, and rife - to consequence ; to prevent a series of ill-blood, and introduce A 3 concord concord, carries its own worth. It need not be recommended, it will recommend itself. It only need be known, to be valued. One should be surprized at first view, that so excellent an institution has made so small a progress in two hundred and fifty years ; for there are but.few, since its first rise under Wolfey. I could give an ample reason for this sluggish advance ; but even truth itself must not always be spoken. What fire can kindle repeatedly dashed with cold water ? One principal reason of this publication is to describe the nature, powers, and practice of the Court at Birmingham, to which t have often been solicited; perhaps more causes pass through this Court than any under under the British government. If practice makes perfect, it has not been wanting. A man cannot bestow a close application* to any science for fifteen years, without ac-* . quiring some knowledge of the subject. In many of these years I have not omitted attendance for one day. It gives me more pleasure, perhaps more pride, to tell the world, I never received the least emolu* ment, than if I had privately drawn an ample fortune. If a man works for nothings it is a proof he likes the work ; if he likes it, no wonder he becomes a proficient: no musician ever played a good fiddle, who did not love music. A powerful relish in the mind for any undertaking, will in some measure supply the defect os capacity. I have longed for Friday, as the school-boy for Christmas', nay, the practice of years has not worn off the keen edge of desire.