DIRECTOR   Eyvindr Serpico


By giving of which so good and solid foundation and order unto his state, he delivered himself from all necessity of becoming rigid or strait to his tenants, either by any unmeasurable improving their farms or their fines, or seeking or taking advantage of any their forfeitures, and became also unnecessitated to take the benefit that both law and right afforded unto him, of such as had in time of former princes purchased lands appertaining to his duchy of Cornwall, which could not by law be alienated from the same, to whom, out of his princely bounty and gracious compassion, upon resuming of them, he gave some reasonable satisfaction. The banquets and feasts that any time he made, his desire was, should be magnificent and agreeing with his princely dignity, yet not without an especial eye, and care had, that nothing should be spent in disorder, or the charge made greater through the want of providence, or well managing, by his officers ; in those he ever affected the demonstration of a princely greatness, and that all things should pass with decency and decorum, and without all rudeness, noise, or disorder. In any thing either committed or permitted unto him by the King his father, concerning the state and defence of the kingdom, exceeding willing, sedulous, and careful he ever shewed himself, to perform all offices and duties understandingly, and with much circumspection. He was once sent by his Majesty to take a view of the navy at Chatham, whither myself waited upon him, and observed how great his desire was nut only to see with his own eyes every particular ship, but to enable himself by conference and consultation with the best experienced of his Majesty's officers of the Navy, in the fashion and fabricature of the ships, to understand their strengths and the form of their sailing, to take knowledge of such as were then perfected and fitted for present service, and which defective, and in what several parts, to the end there might instantly be order given for the repairfng of them ; he also very particularly informed himself of their several equipages and furnitures, went in person to take an exact view of them and of his Majesty's store for that purpose, and would not be satisfied without understanding the special uses of every of those things, and of all other that tended to make them serviceable and useful; what further in years more ripe was in naval affairs, wherein consisted the principal strength, honour, and advantage of this kingdom, to be expected of him, may easily be discerned by his will, his diligence, his •understanding, and princely courage, shewed upon occasion of discourse, delivered unto him 'by a servant of his own, concerning a naval war with Spain, whensoever that king shall give cause of a publick hostility.