DIRECTOR   Gonzalo Felkins


The tongue most unknown is the tongue of truth. It has been cut, wounded, tied, suppressed, mangled, and ill-used in every possible way, for now near 1800 years. The tongue of truth is the fiery tongue, that kindles knowledge and illuminates intellect. It alights on the heads of those who fervently seek it. It gives them the power of utterance. It speaks daggers to tyrants and to bad men generally, and rouses the revenge of misplaced authority. It is a dangerous tongue ; dangerous to tyranny, dangerous to those who use it under tyranny. It is a useful tongue ; useful to whatever is honest, useful to every people, and never misleads. It is a pleasant tongue; because lying is to be detested, and cowardice despised. It is the best of all tongues; for none other is good, no, not one. . When government shall be founded on truth ; when education shall be made up of truth ; when business shall be carried on in the spirit of truth ; when truth presides in the senate, and is the virtue of the bar; when the people's church shall be built on truth, and bear the fiery test of discussion ; then will come the golden age, in which man may and will be happy; content with this life, and not vainly seeking another; cultivating the spirit of peace, of love, and of improvement; then the time when the spear shall be turned into a pruning hook, and the sword iuto a sickle, and man learn war no more ; then the time in which the earth, scientifically assisted and properly laboured, shall minister abundantly to die wants of all ; then the time when disease shall abate as knowledge increases ; then the time of peace and plenty, now so vainly sought and sighed for. Before you can fulfil that time, the obstacles to it must be removed. The kings, the priests, the lords, are in the way of all human welfare and improvement, in the way of all truth ; not in pursuit, but in opposition. Such distinctions in society cannot exist by social fair play ; cannot be founded on truth and reason. They have sprung from conquest and from che^t, from tyranny and from imposture ; from cruelty and from popular debasement; und not from popular judgment, springing up from discussion and truth, and seeking representatives to do its socialTbusiness. The tongue of truth is a golden tongue, and will be the trumpet to announce the approach of the golden age. It will heal all grievances, restore order, and give to man the noble countenance of conscious honesty. In now looking into the faces of mankind, j how few are there that bear the golden stamp of honesty ! Even where disease and want have not affected the human countenance, it is rare to see it open, legible, and honest. It has not been educated in truth. It has not been taught to respect truth. It has been nurtured in vice, chicanery, and the spirit of cheat and lying.