DIRECTOR   Said Vlassic


Yet the senators were gratified by the permission of visiting their estates in Italy, and of approaching without obstacle thethroneof Constantinople; deregulation of weights and measures was delegated to thepope and senate; and the salaries of lawyers and physicians, of orators and grammarians, were destined to preserve.or rekindle the light of science in the ancient capital. .Justinian might dictate benevolent edicts,1 and Narses might second his wishes Your deliberations on the inland trade have laid open to us a scene of the most cruel oppression, which is indeed exhibited at one view of the 13th article of the Nabob's complaint, mentioned thus in your Consultation of the 17th of * October, 1764. " The poor of this country, who used always to deal in salt, beetle-nut, and *f- tobacco, are now deprived of their daily bread, by the trade of the Europeans, " whereby no kind of advantage accrues to the Company, and the government's *< revenues are greatly injured." We shall, for the present, observe to you, that every one of our servants concerned in this trade, has been guilty of a breach of his covenants, and a disobedience to'ttur orders. In your Consultation of the jd of * May,. We find, among the various extortionate practices, that most extraordinary one of Barjaut^or forcing the natives to buy goods beyond the market-price, which you there acknowledge to have been frequently practised. 11. In your resolution to prevent this practice, you determine to forbid it, but with such care and discretion, as not to affect the Company's investment, as you do not mean to invalidate the right derived to the Company from the Firmaun, which/ they have always held over their weavers. As the Company are known to purchase their investment by ready money only, we require a full explanation how this can affect them, or how it could ever have been practised in the purchase of their investment, which the latter part of Mr. Johnstone's minute, entered on Consultation the 21st of July 1764, insinuates ; for it would almost justify a suspicion, that the goods of our servants have been put off to the weavers, in part payment of the Company's investment: therefore, we direct you to make a rigid scrutiny into this affair, that we may know if any of our servants, or those emploved under them, have been guilty of such a breach of trust, that their names and all the circumstances may be known to us.