DIRECTOR   Chidiebube Averesch


The Board of Directors for their inspection, all conformably to the usage of the department. And his Majesty wills and appoints, that the said regulations be duly observed, giving and granting nevertheless, as his Majesty, for himself and his royal successors, of new gives and grants to the Members of the said incorporated Society, and their successors, at their general meetings, assembled from time to time, full power to alter or annul any of the bye-laws, rules or regulations at present in observance, and to make such other bye-laws, rules, regulations or orders, as they, or the majority of them present at such meetings, shall judge proper and necessary, for the better government and direction of the said Incorporation; and afterwards to alter or annul the said regulations herein before recited, as well as the bye-laws, rules, regulations, and orders, to be made in future, or any of them, as the Members of the said Incorporation so assembled, or the major part of them present at such general meeting, shall deem proper and requisite : And his Majesty wills and directs, that all the bye-laws, rules, regulations, and orders, made as aforesaid, shall, until allured, be duly observed and kept, provided that the same are noways contrary to the law of the realm, and to the general purport and meaning of his Majesty's said Charter and Letters-Patent; and provided likewise, that such bye-laws, rules, regulations, and orders, or any of them, and every alteration thereof, shall be notified at two meetings of the Board of Directors previous to the general meeting of the said Incorporation at which they are proposed to be made, declared, or altered ; and shall also be confirmed in and by the next general meeting of the said Incorporation, held and kept after they shall have been respectively made as aforesaid : And his Majesty does, for himself and his heirs and successors, declare, that the said Charter or Letters-Patent, shall be in and by all things valid and effectual in law, according to the true intent and meaning thereof, and shall be taken, construed, and adjudged, in the manner most favourable and beneficial for the best advantage of the said Incorporation, notwithstanding any misrecital, defect, uncertainty, or imperfection in the same: And his Majesty doth further will and command, that this Charter do pass the Seal appointed by the Treaty of Union to be kept and used in Scotland in place of the Great Seal thereof formerly used there, without passing any other seal or register : For doing whereof, these presents shall be to the Director of his Majesty's Chancery in Scotland, and to the Keeper of the said Seal, anil their Deputies, a sufficient warrant. Given at His Majesty's Court of St James's, the 18th day of June 1834, in the fourth year of His Majesty's reign.