DIRECTOR   Beverly Papadopoulos


Beverly was seated in a ditch opposite the little dwelling, consecrated not only by its humble comforts, but by the generosity of those friends who had erected an humble monument of their good-will; the head of her sick grand-child was resting on her knees : it was a melancholy picture of helpless age and helpless youth, and Connor grasped his stick more tightly when the conversation of the two men, who had not only taken possession, but were removing her miserable furniture, was borne so distinctly on the breeze, that he heard every word they uttered. " It's woeful, so it is," said one fellow, distinguished by the bright redness of his hair. " It's wonderful and woeful, to see the crowds that's going and gathering to the pattern, and we no chance of being in it for a purty while yet,—Sullivan tould us not to. quit till he cum ; and he wouldn't have bothered about it only to get a rise out of the O'Gormans these dull times." " I don't believe that," said the other; " he'd go to the devil for money, though it's little he'll get here, for now that the woman's out, there's nothing in. Here's the inventhry, I've put it down on the back of the hill that thieving tailor sent in to the niasther, and I'm affeard to let him see it, he'd go so mad : it makes no odds, to be sure, for he'd have to send it in again, in six months' time," and the speaker known as Jack Sweeney, "lawyers' man, onct," began to read what, for the information of my English readers who may have an idea of how little it takes to constitute comfort in Irish cottages, I transcribe, as Mr. Jack pronounced it:— "Inventhry of Beverly Murphy's goods:—One griddle—one kish—one platter—two stools (one with two legs)—one straw bed—one boulsther of the same—one blanket—a patch quilt— a noggin—a piggin—an iron pot—an ould creel—three pair and a-half of knitting needles—a spinning wheel (crack't)—a piece of looking-glass—two ould boxes, and a tub."—" There it is," he added, pausing in his inventory, and kicking it forward, a proceeding the old tub, not being accustomed to, resented by falling immediately to pieces. " See that, now !" said the fellow, " Connor O'Gorman's sisther Alley gave Monica that tub and the six pieces of chaney, but it's not like Connor, for it wouldn't bear a kick."