DIRECTOR   Leroy Lemontov


By whatever means he purchased his admission into the floating asylum, he defiled it by his impiety and his schemes of ambition and superstition. During their confinement in the ark the commandment given to men and animals to increase and multiply was suspended; as to the latter, it is evident that in the course of one year and seventeen days they would have multiplied in a degree incompatible with their narrow dwelling, and as to the patriarchs, St. Ambrose observes9, Justus consortio non delectabatur uxoris, nee filiijusti petebant copulam conjugalem. Quam enim indecorum, lit quo tempore viventes morcrentur, tune perituri generarentur ! But the same father signifies, that he was well aware how Cham had violated that rule of continency, although he forms the absurd and impossible supposition, that Canaan was the son begotten in the ark. Cham autem pater erat Canaan .... Injusti ergo prius generatio10 quam justi comprehenditur .... Sed ad concervandum delictum addita est ejus generatio, quia cum haberet (ilium, et pater esset, solus ipse patrem nou cognovit, qui magis cognoscere debuisset. Postel declares that he had learned in the Secret Theology, that Cham begot his eldest son Cush in the ark, ut hac fraude primogeniture jus, quoad sacerdotium et regnum, filio suo ex nefario illo concubitu nascituro astrueret. In my first volume'i I have shown, from the history of Cush and his sons and their claiming an antiquity above all other men, and from the various traditions of the fact itself, that Cham was really guilty of such a transgression, and for the very motives which Postel (one of the foulest of his disciples) ascribes to him. Ortis the immediate 1* successor of king Osiris, and the immediate predecessor of the deified tyrant Sesostris, was Cush, and was even called upon some occasions Cush-Orus. And I have here to add, that Isis and Osiris i3 were married to each other before they were born, the womb of their mother Rhea Cybele was their bridal chamber, and in it they engendered Orus ; but the womb of Ku/3i1 or Kvfafiri was the quadrangular ark. Ammon, Mouth, and their infant son Khous (says Monsieur Champollion H Figeac) are Osiris, Isis, and Horus; and perverseness itself cannot misunderstand that Egyptian fable. The waves of the sea (saith Himerius) were the nuptial couch of Jupiter Pelops.